Love swimming

I'll add whatever I  learn or think may help or just rant and rave about swimming in these pages.

Here's a clip of me muddling fly at the SA Masters Nationals

This was my last event for the day and I almost couldn't finish it :)

This is an example set with explanation of how to go about the training sessions in the training log:

When doing anything 4 times the speed should be descending easy, medium, fast and sprint. IE 4 x 25m would be 25 easy, 25 medium, 25 fast and 25 sprint. Try and keep your start times the same. IE when doing 4 x 50m free, start every 1 minute. Your breaks get longer as you go faster.

1. 200m Warm up
2. 8 x 25m butterfly kick. 3. 4 x 50 backstroke kick. (50 easy, 50 medium, 50 fast, 50 sprint)
4. 2 x 100 backstroke. (50 easy, 50 medium then 50 fast, 50 sprint)
5. 4 x 50 breaststroke kick. (50 easy, 50 medium then 50 fast, 50 sprint)
6. 2 x 100 breaststroke ((50 easy, 50 medium then 50 fast, 50 sprint)
7. 4 x 50 freestyle kick (No fins, using board, breathing to the front.)
8. 2 x 200 freestyle (100 easy, 100 medium, 100 fast, 100 sprint)
9. 200m warm down

Warm up

I do slow double back stroke, breast, free

Butterfly kick

Easier with flippers. Stretch your hands in front of you, palms facing down, as far as you can reach and do butterfly kick under water. Using your core muscles and not your legs. If you need to come up for air do so with one breast stroke and back down.

Breast stroke

When doing breast stroke. For the different speeds you glide longer. So for easy you would have 3 second glides, medium 2 sec glides etc.

Breaststroke kick

Makes sure your legs complete the stroke with heels touching and lifting your hips